Floridita, London

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Event Name: Rewind : featuring Kovak


10pm - Midnight.


Ostensibly Britain’s answer to the Scissor Sisters (STAR magazine), Brighton-based electro-pop-rock band KOVAK were one of the first ever unsigned acts to be playlisted on Radio 2 with their first single Killer Boots. The band’s single Radiate was also picked up and championed by leading Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright at the beginning of this year. Having teased a packed out BBC Club, made it onto VEVO with their second single, Living the Dream and winning ‘Band of the Year’ at the 2013 Brighton Music Awards, KOVAK are on a mission to fill the pop-rock band-shaped gap in the UK with their fun-filled, self-crafted tunes.

But it’s not just the UK that’s loving their energetic pop. After being voted ‘Top 10 Critics Choice’ of NXNE by ‘Now’ magazine, the band played again at the prestigious industry showcase event in Toronto (Canada) last June and appeared live on CP24′s ‘Noon Show’ in front of 1.4 million viewers.

Amidst all this the band have been recording their highly anticipated forthcoming album with BAFTA nominated producer Dom Beken (The Orb, KLF, High Frequency Bandwidth) at legendary producer Youth’s studios in Andalusia, Spain. Kovak have also been working with dance producer Andy Gray (Hard Fi, Gary Numan, Paul Oakenfold) making use of his museum’s worth of vintage synths at his haunted 15th century manor on the Isle of Wight.

Live Music from 8pm.

Featuring UK up and coming talent.


Booking: http://atnd.it/16369-0

Facebook: http://atnd.it/16369-1

Twitter: http://atnd.it/16369-2


General Admission: £5

Category: Live Music | Gig

End Time: 03:00


Floridita, London
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Thursday 6, November of 2014 at 21:00
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Friday 7, November of 2014 at 00:00
Floridita, London