Movimientos Presents

Hootananny Brixton, London

Created by Nvivo

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With winter fast approaching Movimientos presents another trailblazing line up of delights from the global Latin underground! One of the UK's top Latin bands Conjunto Sabroso headline with a big brassy show of Salsa, Cumbia & Afro-Latin rhythms with world class musicians from Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela. After smashing their last gig at Hoots the high kickin' Los Pelos Rizos return for another dance floor frenzy of Gypsy Funk & Latin beats. And Busto Power Trio play their spy movie inspired experimental rock, jazz, noir and surf grooves whilst Movimientos DJs keep it jumping joining the dots between latin rhythms, global bass and tropical carnival sounds.

Conjunto Sabroso

Salsa // Cumbia // big brassy Afro-Latin rhythms

Renowned for their authentic swing and lively presence on stage, is one of London’s most established and popular Latin bands, with a tradition for mixing all kinds of authentic and infectious Afro-Latin styles. Their performance is a percussive explosion of old school Salsa, Son, Guajira, Cha Cha Cha, Bolero and heavy Cumbia, that keeps audiences glued to the dance floor wherever they play.

Los Pelos Rizos

High kickin' Gypsy Funk // Latin grooves

'Los Pelos Rizos is London's critically acclaimed Gypsy Funk band with their sound described as: "bursting with layers of eclectic energy wrapped in Latin rhythms".Featuring violin, trumpet, guitars, mandolin, bass and cajon, they have a regular following, a residency at The Troubadour and played to jubilant audiences at The Edinburgh Festival.

Busto Power Trio

Spy movie inspired surf // jazz // rock // noir

Music for a surreal, twisted, perverted spy movie that will -hopefully- never be shot.






Category: Nightlife

Price: Before 10pm FREE, After 10pm w/ membership £3, After 10pm £5


Hootananny Brixton, London
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Date start
Saturday 15, November of 2014 at 22:00
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Sunday 16, November of 2014 at 01:00
Hootananny Brixton, London
Movimientos Presents