Nomad Collective, Rags Rudi, Hot Border Special, Teleseen, Out and Down

Passing Clouds, London

Created by Nvivo

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Nomad Collective, Rags Rudi, Hot Border Special, Teleseen plus Out and Down

Nomad Collective

Driven by many musical influences from near and far, Nomad Collective have a unique approach to their music which is evident in their distinct sound. Its members have their origins in various places around the globe, however, they all reside in London which is reflected their musical style. Their latest album Soundscapes of a Bedouin Rudeboy shows this cultural fusion.

Rags Rudi

East London's Rags Rudi is a six piece ensemble playing a head-nodding, feet-sparking cocktail of ska, hip-hop, dub and punk. Rags Rudi have played across the UK at festivals, events, club nights, squat parties, and on the street.

Hot Border Special

Hot Border Special are a killer live band with tight musicianship - they are raw, rootsy and have heavy percussion and rhythms that underpin their lush interwoven guitar melodies. With Influences ranging from afrobeat to rock, highlife to funk, and even a hint towards samba, listening serves to affirm their effortlessness.


With inspiration taken from traveling between Brazil, Africa and the US, Teleseen stitches a strikingly original blend of old and new sounds into a danceable mix. The primary project of producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Gabriel Cyr draws on a wide range of collaborators, to create productions that make equal use of programming and live instrumentation.

Out and Down

London-based DJ collective playing an eclectic mix of house party music; from hip hop and house, to disco and dancehall.



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Category: Live Music


Before 9pm: Free,

Before 10pm: £5,

After 10pm: £10


Passing Clouds, London
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Saturday 15, November of 2014 at 21:00
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Sunday 16, November of 2014 at 00:00
Passing Clouds, London
Nomad Collective, Rags Rudi, Hot Border Special, Teleseen, Out and Down