Raindance's 25th Birthday Weekend

Fire London, London

Created by Nvivo

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Friday 7th November: The Future

Raindance Rollin' - DnB & Jungle

Bailey, Ruffstuff, GPS, Lady Lena, Nicky Blackmarket, Mickey Finn, Jumping Jack Frost, Skyz, Illfigure, Kezman b2b Jamid.

Hosted by Mc's: Shockin, Moose, Funktion, Rema-dee

The Vinyl Touch, Can U Feel It? & MoFo

Sonia SoTo & Lee Drinken Allstars Tribute Party Original Party Breaks From 2001

Terry Hooligan, Steve Drunken Allstars, Jimmy Mofo, Swifty B b2b Lock-up, Apply the Breaks- Full Showcase, Charm – Live PA, Dan Stoves & Sightek, Jay Cunning, Niki Dimensions, Bongolious maximus

Hosted by: Ken Mac

DSUB 3rd Birthday Celebrations

Mc Creed – Live PA, Marcus Nasty, Sam Supplier, Junior Buzz, Mc Kie, Mc Hyperactive, Mad Ash, Spin E B & Mc Creed, Move The House, Boyson, PVC & Pav, Bricks & Trimmer, Jus-me

Hosted By: Loski Boy, Creed, Kie, Hyperactive, Deanie Ranking

Saturday 8th November – History & Evolution

Raindance – Old Skool Hardcore '91-96

Rebel Mc - Live PA, House Crew Live Dj Set perf: Keep the fire Burning, 'we are hardcore & Superhero, Ratpack, Jimmy J, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, Top Buzz & Mc Mad P, G Magical, Squirrel, Vibes, Glen Aston

Hosted By: Strict, Ice, Cutter

Jenkins Lane '89-'90 – Original House Music All night Long

Kenny Ken, Joey G, Jack Bass, Old Gits, Niki Dimensions, Billy 'Daniel Bunter, Skie, Class of 808


Jungle Splash & Raindance In The Jungle

Congo Natty & Mc Tenor Fly, Brockie & Det, Kenny Ken, Devious D, Digital Niyabinghi, Dj SS, Mad Ash, Tom Merricks b2b Jamie G

Hosted By: Det, Ragga Twins, Dr Vibes, Bomber, Rude Boy Keith, Fearless

"Remember, wall to wall star DJ & MC line-ups, a great pary, do not necessarily make"

Official Raindance Website:



Website: http://atnd.it/17021-0

Facebook: http://atnd.it/17021-1

Category: Nightlife

Prices: Friday Only £20, Saturday Only £20, Both Days £30

Date: Nov 07,2014 to Nov 09,2014

Time: 10:00pm to 6:00am


Fire London, London
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Friday 7, November of 2014 at 23:00
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Saturday 8, November of 2014 at 02:00
Fire London, London
Raindance's 25th Birthday Weekend